Detoxification Therapies

With cancer treatment, as the patient’s system is repaired, large amounts of metabolic waste and stored toxins are released. Therefore, detoxification is very important during this phase.

Detoxification is carried out with a variety of different methods: chelation, alkalinization with Bicarbonate or coffee enemas to clean the bowels and support the liver. Coffee enemas enhance liver function and, in turn, the processing and excretion of metabolic waste. The rectal instillation of fluids will stimulate gallbladder contraction and emptying.

At St. George Hospital we also use:

  • large and small vessel bloodletting
  • application of infrared-A-Sauna
  • detox foot baths
  • mud baths
  • intensive colon cleansing with hydro colon therapy
  • special infusion treatment with high doses of vitamin C, selenium, metabolites and chelates

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