Organo Therapy

Organo Therapy strengthens the immune system and supports organ functions such as heart, liver, kidney, brain and also the musculoskeletal system.

How does Organo Therapy work?

In Organo Therapy, extracts made from various organs or glands of animals or men are used to treat diseases and stimulate or regenerate weakened cells. These extracts can either be given as injectables or tablets. Insulin and thyroxin are examples of animal endocrine organ extracts.
With diseases like cancer that can result in immune difficiency and organ failure, we can conduct a laboratory test to determine which type of Organo Therapy will have the best results.

When is Organo Therapy used?

Organo Therapy is used as a preventive measure but also when organ damage already has occurred. Therefore it is especially important as an adjuvant therapy in cancer treatment.
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