Welcome to the Department of Physical Medicine at the St. George Hospital

Physical and rehabilitative medicine comprises the detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation from and secondary prevention of diseases, injuries and their aftereffects by means of physical therapy, manual therapy, naturopathy, balneotherapy and climatotherapy.

Physikalische Abteilung St. Georg
Department of Physical Medicine at St. George

Physical therapy includes the therapeutic application of physical therapy (or physiotherapy), occupational therapy, massage, heat and cold therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound, based on the findings in each case, to influence, compensate and correct damage, functional weakness and loss of function resulting from disease, treatment and injuries.

Dr. Svircev is our lead for manual medicine, which comprises manual/chiropractic diagnostics and manual therapy (chiropractic).

We offer physical therapy to cancer patients to help you rebalance impaired functions and enable adaptation and compensation for loss of health integrity and irreversible damage caused by disease or treatment, and to help you regain the highest possible quality of life.

The model of the effects of disease and appropriate intervention plans derived from the World Health Organization (WHO) forms the basis for our understanding of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
The consequences of health problems (disease, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) manifest as functional disorders (limited mobility, strength, coordination, endurance, limitation of complex functions such as gripping, walking, standing, etc.) and symptoms (such as pain, joint stiffness, loss of normal sensation, etc.) and can lead to incapacity and limitations in activities of daily living (e.g. the ability to get dressed, to go shopping, etc.) and social interaction (e.g. ability to work, restriction of leisure activities, etc.).

Angelina Svircev
Angelina Svircev

Physical medicine and rehabilitation intervenes to address the organ damage, incapacity and impairment in social interaction and participation in everyday life. It applies methods from physical medicine and therapy, manual medicine, social medicine, pharmacotherapy, naturopathy, balneotherapy and climatotherapy.