St. George Hospital – specialist hospital for internal medicine with a focus on oncology, gynecology and urology

The holistic, integrative treatment approach at St. George Hospital views the patient as a whole person comprising body, mind and soul. This means that your recovery is our goal and we have your quality of life at heart.

Die Fachklinik St. Georg für Innere Medizin mit den Schwerpunkten Onkologie, Gynäkologie und Urologie
St. George Hospital: specialist hospital for internal medicine with a focus on oncology, gynecology and urology

In modern cancer medicine, there is an increasing realization that the use of conventional treatment methods such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy needs to be supplemented with complementary treatment methods. The aim here is to maintain the therapeutic outcomes, minimize the side effects of conventional therapy and increase quality of life as much as possible.

Far too often, cancer is seen as a localized disease and treated accordingly, although in many cases the local occurrence of cancer represents a symptom of a disease of the body as a whole. Our holistic integrative treatment program is a synthesis of the necessary conventional procedures with complementary methods, providing a holistic therapeutic approach (immuno-biological therapies, i.e. therapies to stimulate the immune response, psychotherapy and a variety of basic therapies).

In our hyperthermia center we offer hyperthermia treatments such as:

Dr. med. Friedrich Douwes
Dr. med. Friedrich Douwes

With the often fateful diagnosis of cancer, patients and their families frequently have to face a variety of difficult questions. The diagnostic and therapeutic options available at St. George Hospital are based on decades of experience, which we are glad to be able to pass on to our patients.

The sophisticated treatment programs at the St. George Hospital set new standards in modern cancer therapy.