To our patient – your safety is at our hearts!

Glasfront im Eingangsbereich der Klinik St. Georg, Bad AiblingOur Hospital St. George passed well through the Corona pandemic and the lockdown. Thanks to our consequent management we were able to prevent Corona here.

Due to the good organization at Hospital St. George we became a hospital of main emphasis for Corona in the pandemic, also because we have respiratory beds which we normally need for whole body hyperthermia.

Current Hygiene Measures and Rules of Conduct

Every patient entering the hospital or clinic should provide a negative Corona test.

Since these tests are not always easy to obtain we purchased a diagnostic unit which allows us test results within 2 hours. That way we can avoid a longer diagnostic periods and therapy can start faster. On the other hand we prevent infection of our stuff and other patients.

We look forward to seeing you!

Yours sincerely,
Dr. med. Dr. med. univ. Petja Piehler und Dr. med. Friedrich Douwes