Patient testimonials, 2018

To all the doctors, nurses, and staff at St. Georg Clinic
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your care, patience, attention to detail, and the diligence and skill you put into your work here. You are truly doing the work of the angels!
I am now well on the path of healing and expect full recovery in the coming year, and that is a miracle indeed!
We will see you again in February. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Dr. Douwes,
I can’t even begin to tell you how important you and the Kinik staff are to me. Thank you for saving my life. My successful recovery from Lyme disease has been a great encouragement to others considering treatment at your Kinik, and I am happy to help others through the process.
I came to your Kinik praying for nothing short of a miracle. Your treatment gave me a new chance at life. Additionally, therapy with Urs helped me to better cope with a lifetime of emotional damage including years of being ostracized as a Lyme patient. Both you and Urs have an amazing gift of invitation – thank you for using that gift to help others!
I don’t have much to show my gratitude, but i hope you enjoy these small gifts. No earthly possession could ever show the true depth of my gratitude. Every day I thank God for you and your amazing Klinik! You will be forever in my heart and mind.
With immense love and gratitude…

Dear Dr. Douwes,
I want to thank you for giving me a life I didn’t know I could live. After receiving Hyperthermia treatment in Germany I came home and almost instantly knew something felt different. I didn’t feel completely well for a bit, but within a couple of months I felt healthier than I ever felt possible.
In June I was able to attend a 2 week college program that was extremely rigorous and I didn’t get sick once. I spent the summer having fun and living the life I couldn’t for the past 5 years. Thank you so much I truly believe my Lyme disease has been cured.
I have been able to attend school regularly, and I have not missed a single day. A year ago this was something I never thought possible. I am making good grades, and I’m beginning to think about college. I’m finally able to focus on the future that I never thought I could have. I am happier and healthier than ever. Thank you so much to you and your team of doctors at Kinik St. Georg for giving me my life back.
With gratitude…

Dear all,
I was treated last year at your clinic for Lyme. My husband Austen received the partner treatment and my mother Ida was with us both for the whole visit.
I just wanted to let everyone at the clinic know how deeply grateful I am. You gave me my life back; I can run, ride, bike, ski, work, be happy, cook and clean, laugh, and enjoy being alive again.
Your care was compassionate, professional, of the highest standard. The staff was friendly, helpful, personable, and kind. Our stay was restorative. I am so very appreciative.
Our US news is full of reports of the increase in Lyme and tick borne illnesses… as our climate changes, and Lyme ticks spread, more and more people will need the help you offer.
I am grateful daily, not just that my life has been restored, but that my family has knowledge of your clinic and your care. I know that if anyone I love is faced with the challenges of Lyme, we can go to you and be helped.
Thank you again, for everything.

Dear Dr. Douwes,
I wanted to thank you for being a genius with a heart of gold. Am very glad I got to meet you in person and I am still hopeful that I will get better soon with your continued support. Thank you for creating this place of hope and healing.
I continue to hope to be your ambassador one day and to meet again in the near future – maybe in Boston.
God bless you, your family and all the staff at St. George.

I arrived at this Klinik in a wheelchair after three years of excruciating painful hell in Australia. With no acknowledgement of this disease in Australia, I was ready to die. I could not see, hear and struggled to even talk. I wasn’t living, I was just surviving. The neurological pain was unbearable.
Klinik St. Georg saved my life.
I am alive – it’s a miracle.

Dear Dr. Douwes,
I just wanted to say a huge „Thank You!“ for giving me the opportunity to experience this already life-changing journey. Your knowledge, experience and kindness has been overwhelming and I am truly grateful!
I hope you will enjoy a little „taste“ of Scotland (Whiskey) as a toast to my hopefully onward path to health… and wear your new „spirit of Scotland Tartan“, tie with pride in knowing you have helped this Scottish lassie!!!
PS: Walking stick will follow soon in the mail, hopefully.
Thank you so much!

Dear Frederika, Gaby, Dr. Douwes and all of the incredible people there,
Just a brief note to say xxx and I made it back safely. We will write later with more info about how he is doing. But in a word, he has not had a headache/stomach pain episode since his first hyperthermia. He is trying to work as a medical scribe and had his first week back to work last week in Boston.
We are very grateful to Dr. Douwes and wish we could have said goodbye and seen him before we left.
More to come, just wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate your work.
Can’t believe Taylor is so much better. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is the only way to go for late stage Lyme.

Dear Dr. Douwes,
We want to thank you personally for all that you’ve done for us in our time at the clinic – and more broadly all of the work you have done to pioneer the holistic and dignified treatment of Lyme. Like so many patient families, we felt we were running out of options (and hope!) before traveling here.
We really appreciate the time that you spent with us as a group while on your vacation and also one-on-one to adjust my treatment as necessary. The entire community here has left us feeling validated and supported – not only the patients we have met – but also (and especially!) your team of doctors, nurses, and amazing support staff that keep things running so smoothly, I can’t imagine a better place to receive such expert treatment which is matched equally with compassion.
All the best and thank you again…

Dear Frederika,
I have been meaning to contact you sooner but when I arrived back home I had so much to do that I have not been able to focus for five minutes so I can write, tonight it has finally been possible.
Firstly THANK YOU to all the wonderful team at the St Georg Klinik. What an amazing experience! From doctors to nurses to cooks to cleaners everyone made our stay and treatment very easy to cope with. You should see me now, for years I had been grounded, unable to enjoy life, this week I have been working as I used to years ago. What a blessing to be able to be ME again… I am able to work as I used to and I have  achieved so much in just 2 weeks! …
Even though I have these symptoms there is such an immense change in me that I am grateful every day for undergoing treatment at St Georg. At this moment in time there is another patient and her husband… staying with me. Her changes have been amazing too, we are all so happy. We met amazing people from all over the world, what beautiful people the Klinik attracts! Everyone I met touched my soul, I am still in communication with many!
I have been very strict with the after treatment protocol. I take all the prescribed medications and my diet is better than ever in my life. Finally I feel back in control.
Again my warmest regards to every one at St Georg…
Kind Regards…

Wishing we could trade places!
Passing though Dauphin Island. A cool 100 degrees!! Thought of you. Hope things are going well in Bad Aibling. As bizarre as it seems, I so enjoyed my time there and hope to come visit one day soon. Please give my dear nurse Iris my warmest regards. I promise she won’t forget me. She’s probably drinking her coffee out of the mug I gave her that she told everyone they could not touch. I’m doing pretty well and give all the credit to the Klinik. Take care and remember you’ve always got a place to stay in New Orleans!
All the best…

Dear Dr. Douwes,
I wanted to thank you and your team of doctors and nurses for giving me my life back. After being sick for 6 years and then getting infected again in May of 2016, I was losing hope that I would ever feel normal again. The summer of 2016 was torturous as my brain was so inflamed that I couldn’t control my thoughts of despair and the severe panic, anxiety and depression. I was unable to walk for 3-4 months and I was beginning to feel that my kids would be better without me until my 9 year old told me that even though I was sick, he was so happy I was here. I pushed through my first baut with Lyme disease like a warrior but the second infection brought me to my knees. My boys’ love and compassion for me during this time helped me push through when I felt like giving up.
I am so thankful for your trip to Boston because after meeting you, your family and Kirstin I felt more comfortable with traveling to a foreign country to receive treatment. I considered canceling my trip a few days before my departure but my aunt wouldn’t have it and off we went.
Upon arriving at the Klinik I was greeted by Gabi who instantly made me feel at ease and was a huge help throughout our stay. Frederika was also very helpful and accommodating and was always available to answer questions before my trip to Germany. lt was so nice to see you before you left for vacation and I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me and check in after my treatments, it meant a lot to me. Thank you.
Dr. Zabel and Dr. Kroiss took good care of me and helped me work through my fear of the hyperthermia treatment. The nurse for my second Hyperthermia treatment (I can’t recall her name, blonde hair) was one of the kindest people I met at the Klinik. I had a terrible morning with Iris and was not feeling well before treatment and this woman was so calming. I instantly felt more comfortable when I knew she would be taking care of me for the next six hours. I would love to send her a letter to thank her.
I would also like to thank Dr. T. and Urs for the compassionate care they provided for all of the patients at the Klinik. They were always so attentive and kind and all of our patients from the Dean Center have spoken so highly of them because of their extensive knowledge and compassion. I wish more physicians followed their approach to patient care. I have just returned from a weekend yoga retreat in the Berkshire mountains in western Massachusetts and am so grateful for my restored health since receiving treatment at your Klinik. I am thankful for every day that I wake up without the debilitating fatigue, weakness, anxiety and panic attacks. I am thankful that I’m finally feeling normal and healthy again and for being able to attend my boys’ hockey and soccer games that I missed so much last year. More importantly I am thankful for the one doctor who thought “outside the box” 30 years ago (15 for Lyme) and made this treatment possible.
Thank you for giving me my life back and doing the same for so many patients from all over the world.
Eternally grateful…

Patient testimonials, 2017

Dear Doctor Douwes,
I cannot begin to thank you and all of your wonderful staff for curing my Lyme disease, and in turn, giving me back my life. The majority of staff were extremely kind and compassionate during my stay. I traveled alone for my treatment and greatly appreciated those staff members that went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and cared for. Nurses Christoph, Christina, and Birgit were especially kind to me. Marliola, Manfred, Heidi and Monica in the dining room, and Diana (massage) all made me feel welcome and comfortable. The people on the operations side were extremely helpful and prompt in their responses — Gabi, Verena, and Frederika. The staff members that went far above and beyond to help me emotionally were nurse Traudi, Urs, and Bernd. Doctor Zabel, Doctor Kroiss, and Doctor Pascu were all very gentle and took their time with my needles (despite my tears). I very much appreciated the assessment by Doctor Kathrin Douwes as well….
Please know that I am forever grateful for my experience at your clinic. At this time last year I was ready to die; today I am living life to the fullest and prepping my body to full health in order to have a child. I regularly refer people to your clinic and will continue to do so as I am living proof of the miraculous treatment that you offer.
With Deepest Gratitude…

Dear Frederika,
We wanted to thank you, all of the doctors and staff at St. George Clinic for all of our healing and support. We strongly feel the treatments were a success and wake up with more strength and energy everyday. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t share my experience from the Clinic in hope to be the reason someone else in need finds their way to St. George.
Please forward our love and gratitude to the rest of the staff and we hope to see everyone again in the future as a visitor and not as a patient. Have a wonderful rest of the week and happy holidays.
Our best regards, blessings and good health…

Patient testimonials, 2016

Dear Dr. Reichel and all the team!
Thank you so much for my new birthday! I feel much, much better, like someone blessed me! You are our little angels who are giving back our lost lives. You have not work, you have a special mission in this world. Thank you so much!.

Dear Dr. Douwes!
I can’t find the right words to say how much it means for me just to know that doctors like you really exist. I’ve seen more that 50 for this past 8 years. I was crying, begging to help me, but they were silent. I don’t blame them, I am just blessed, like all of us here, to have met you and be your patient. I was praying a lot for this day and know: I feel, I almost got my life back. This journey totally changed me.
I promise to dedicate my life to help people who going through all this enormous pain, panic and total loneliness, now I hope we can create a movie, foundation, clinic, whatever to help people to open their eyes for what is going on now.
I wish you only one thing: health and many more years to live. With big love, your new member at big family…

Dear Dr. Douwes,
I believe in God and in you.
You told my mother that “she will leave this hospital on her feet” – in the middle of therapy she is leaving on ambulance. I trust that when we will come back… she will be better and she will leave this hospital on her feet.
I trust you my legend, God bless you…