Below you will find documents on various presentations.

36th Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society ICHS in Budapest, September 28-29, 2018

Dr. med. Friedrich Douwes at ICHS/Budapest

The Successful Antibiotic Augmented Thermal Eradication of
Chronic Lyme Disease | Dr. Douwes
Presentation documents: Download PDF

Thermo-Chemotherapy of Advanced Pancreas Cancer | Dr. Douwes
Presentation documents: Download PDF

Aiblinger Gespräche: “Fortschritte sind möglich”, Bad Aibling, September 14.-15., 2018

The conference “Aiblinger Gespräche 2018” was documented on film and is optionally available as a video or audio package (language: German):…/aiblinger-gespraeche-2018?c=254

Fachkongress für Orthomolekulare Medizin und Naturheilkunde im Rahmen des Trendforum 2017, Salzburg, Oktober 20-22., 2017

The congress documentation with lectures and practice workshops, as well as the special module “Complementary Oncology” is available here (language: German):…/trendforum-2017?c=254

Aiblinger Gespräche: „Komplementärmedizin – Der Blick aufs Ganze“, Bad Aibling, September 15.-16., 2017

The congress „Aiblinger Gesprächen 2017“ was documented and is available as an audio package with PowerPoint collection:…/aiblinger-gespraeche-2017

Aiblinger Gespräche: „Gesund werden – Gesundheit erhalten“, Bad Aibling, September 18.-19., 2015

The congress „Aiblinger Gesprächen 2015“ was documented and is available as an audio package with PowerPoint collection:…/aiblinger-gespraeche-2015

Life Light Trendforum 2013, Salzburg, Oktober 11.-13., 2013

The lecture by Dr. Douwes on “Hormone therapy for malignant diseases – the importance of hormones for the balance of body, mind and soul” is available as a recording here (language: German):…/vortrag-dr.-friedrich-douwes?c=254