Hormone Therapy

The body’s hormonal system is based primarily on the thyroid, adrenal gland, and sex hormones. It is essential for all these hormones to function properly, because they affect not only cancer growth but also the patients’ overall health. Unfortunately, we also live in a environment where we are exposed to chemicals and toxins that adversely impact our immune and nervous systems.

It is important for us to treat our patients’ hormone imbalances, especially if these patients have hormonally driven cancers, such as breast, ovaries, uterus and prostate cancer. Certain types of cancer have hormone receptors on their membranes and can often be treated successfully for years with anti-hormonal drugs.

To determine hormonal status, we take tests that provide us with the actual hormone levels, and help us determine how to treat them. Medications are administered to reduce the production or action of estrogen or testosterone in the body. We replace missing hormones and achieve hormonal balance by giving liquid glandular formulas. But most importantly, hormone therapy prevents the remaining cancer cells from growing.

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