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Men's health is overall vitality, physical and mental fitness, optimization of cardiovascular function, blood pressure, metabolism, nutrition, hormonal and immune status.

By creating risk profiles, it is possible, to carry out preventive diagnostics and to draw conclusions that would enable men to know their risks and become more conscious about lifestyle changes. Physical activities and relaxation techniques have a positive impact on men´s health and life expectancy. Thus, men can take life in their own hands, reduce the risk for certain diseases and increase their life expectancy and quality of life.

It is now possible, by molecular genetic analysis, to identify specific health risks and exposures and to prevent:
• Prostate Cancer Risk
• Risk of cardiovascular disease
• Risk for Alzheimer's disease
• Assessment of risks of hormone replacement therapy
• Osteoporosis Risk
• Risk of thrombosis
• Risk for metabolic disorders
• Enzyme activity and detoxification functions

For many men prostate symptoms are a taboo subject. They would rather suffer in secret than go to the doctor. Precisely this early treatment of various prostate diseases is extremely important to prevent painful and risky surgery, or cancer, later. Far too few men make use of prostate cancer screening.

Benign prostate enlargement affects more than 80% of all men over 60 years. From this age on, the prostate problems and associated urinary symptoms increase exponentionally. Usually, the prostate weights 20 gm and is the size of a chestnut, but it may already start growing at age 40. The consequences of an enlarged prostate are painful urination, difficulty urinating, a very thin urine stream, and the sleep is disturbed by frequent urination. Especially dangerous are large amounts of residual urine in the bladder and urinary obstructions into the kidneys, because they can lead to urea poisoning. With age the risk of cancer also increases.

Clinic St. Georg in Bad Aibling has been among the most experienced and most distinguished centers for hyperthermia treatment for prostatic disease.

Both the benign prostate disease, such as prostate inflammation (prostatitis) or benign prostatic enlargement, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer can be treated, locally,  through the urethra guided hyperthermia (transurethral radio frequency hyperthermia TURF).

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