Integrative Cancer Therapy

Cancer is caused by a variety of unfavorable factors. One of the main causes is a reduced, respectively impaired immune system, often in conjunction with elevated levels of environmental poisons and carcinogenic substances. The psycho-social millieu has to be considered in the therapy plan as well in order to correct negative factors associated with the diagnosis.

Conventional medicine usually treats symptomatically, that means, it fights the symptoms of the disease, but not the causes. Surgery, radio-and chemotherapy are all symptomatic treatments. When during a successful primary treatment only the symptoms are removed and not the cause eliminated, the disease may reoccur.

It is necessary to combine conventional standard therapy methods of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy with treatment methods that eliminate the well known risk factors of cancer. This helps to optimize the control of the disease and strengthen the body’s own natural defense system. Therefore, at St. George Hospital we developed an Integrative Cancer Therapy Concept (ICTC) in which we combine the conventional treatment modalities with complementary therapies. This concept gives patients a realistic chance to overcome not only the symptoms but also restore health.

The activation and/or stabilization of the immune system and detoxification of the body of harmful substances is of great importance in cancer therapy. In addition to all this it is often necessary to normalize the natural regulation system of cancer patients. We activate and stabilize the immune system in conjunction with nutritional, natural, special vaccines and a biological support program.

At St. George Hospital we offer a complete range of oncological diagnostics and therapies. A highly committed and experienced team of physicians will take care of you.

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