The mouth is the most important factor in the breakdown of health; close to this is only the gut with its microbiome. All the antibiotics, and all the holistic approaches to healing, are likely to fail if the mouth and the gut-brain axis have been overlooked. The mouth can be a reservoir of bacterial infections that become entrenched within the teeth structures and trigger the high number of chronic degenerative diseases now epidemic in Germany and the world, including Lyme and co-infections.

Lyme can embed itself in tooth structures

Lyme has the ability to embed itself in the tooth structure, where it goes undetected and remains unreachable by antibiotics. Each tooth has some three miles of tubules that emanate from the main canal. Bacteria hide out in all that footage. Lyme is a spirochete similar to spirochetes that cause syphilis. Spirochetes by nature burrow into tissue, such as teeth, bones, and soft tissue like the brain. These areas are the toughest to get to, impenetrable by drugs and herbs, but perfectly reached by our Antibiotic-Augmented-Thermoeradication (AAT) (in German language).

Many dentists do not realize that antibiotics cannot reach bacteria in dead teeth. In the case of endodontic therapy, or root canal, the dead tooth lacks a blood supply to its interior. Antibiotics circulating in the bloodstream have no way to penetrate this dead tissue and hence have no effect on the bacteria, but heat does directly and indirectly by stimulating the immune system and raising the detoxification ability. Principally if combined with our specifically developed “Oral Hygiene Set”.

The “Oral Hygiene Set”

The “Oral Hygiene Set” set contains: Omega-3 Oil, colloidal silver 1100ppm, bee pollen tooth paste (no fluoride or chloride as both halogens are toxic) and a very specific spray with living probiotics. This set does not only keep the mouth sterile of toxic germ, but also supports healthy gums, correct mouth microbiome and therefore the oral immune system. This is, as I mentioned already, the mandatory requirement to restore general health and a very important factor to make our “integrative cancer treatment” and our AAT for Lyme disease as effective as possible. The combination with hyperthermia (heat treatment) has also an additional result on an effective treatment outcome.

The oral cavity can block immune functions

Why must one focus on the oral cavity when dealing with cancer and Lyme? Because the oral cavity, in part or whole, blocks the immune functions, especially when incompatible dental materials are used, or the gums are inflamed. Unfortunately, this is the genesis of many degenerative diseases, and it is often overlooked by both physicians and dentists today. Therefore, we emphasis oral health as a very important part of our treatment.

I first started to understand the relationship between cancer and Lyme and the oral cavity when I checked the gums, the tongue and teeth in the mouth and associated what I saw to symptoms of the body. As I went through this process, it became obvious that in cancer and Lyme, there are often inflamed gums and chronic infections of the tonsils or the tissue around (Waldeyer Ring). Certain teeth are more prone to show degenerative conditions than others. The first molars, top and bottom, are particularly affected. In time, I saw that the pattern also included the two front teeth, top and bottom.

As we know from acupuncture and Chinese medicine all teeth and their extraction sites relate to different organs through the meridians, and they are all connected energetically.

Metal in fillings and under crowns

Metal is used in fillings and often under crowns. Metal interferes with the body’s energetic network and suppresses or negatively excites the immune system. It doesn’t matter if it’s gold or nickel – all metal is problematic. Nickel is probably the worst because it is carcinogenic; it knocks out the immune system. Mercury is about the most damaging of the metals.

So, in the course of our treatment protocol for Lyme and their co-infections mouth hygiene and health are crucial. One must remove the intrusive dental materials in order to correct the energetic flow of the related organ meridian, to restore proper function of the organ. This is especially important even after we have eradicated the infection. “The oral cavity is the seat of most of the energetic blocks in the system. Health starts and is kept in our mouth.”.

We know that teeth respire. Normally, in a healthy tooth, fluid will go from the inside of the tooth to the outside, that is their gatekeeper mechanism, their way to keep bad bacteria out of the tooth. But if a tooth is compromised, the fluid goes the other way: outside in. That is how infections enter the oral cavity, breed virulent pathogens, and can create havoc throughout the body for decades.

We need to knock out the Lyme hiding in the miles of tubules, the mucosa, gums, tonsils and in the bony socket. I have my patients do the cleaning procedures as proposed in our oral hygiene set twice daily.

Focal Infection starts in the mouth and migrates

What Lyme and other chronic diseases are concerned, the big enemy is root canals. It has been slow by the medical establishment to recognize the negative impact of this fact. It is questioned how standard dentistry can claim that infections settled in the mouth do not affect the body. Elsewhere in medicine, when a part of the body dies, say, a foot turns gangrenous, it is cut off. But in a root canal, dead teeth are left in, filled with a sealant where the nerve was drilled out. These teeth always cause problems.

Patients who have heart conditions, knee or hip replacements, are told that for the remainder of their lives, they must have an antibiotic prescription before and after any dental treatment, including cleaning of their teeth. The reason antibiotics are needed is because it has been proven that bacteria who live in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart and joints where they frequently cause endocarditis and many other infections.

The Focal Infection Theory

This is called the focal infection theory. I mention this here, because I think this is very important information that we have for years, but don`t practice it. This infectious mechanism, I referred to, was initially documented by Dr. Weston A. Price in 1923. He would extract a tooth that had undergone a root canal and implant it under the skin of a laboratory rabbit. He documented that in almost every case the animal would develop the same disease that the patient did. He found he could embed small pieces of the root instead of the entire tooth, or pulverize the teeth and inject the powder, and cause the same results. Eventually, he found that he could culture the bacteria from a root-filled tooth and inject the toxins from it into the laboratory animal and reproduce the disease from the toxins alone.

After a root canal, the root filling shrinks a tiny bit. That creates a leakage whereby microscopic organisms migrate from the tubules to inner tooth structure. Bacteria are highly adaptable; they can mutate to almost any condition. They can live with or without oxygen. In the process, “good” organisms can become pathogenic, and they produce much more potent toxins. But we have good news! With our AAT and our intravenous PDT we have the tools in our hand to overcome such problems.

If you have a strong immune system, it may fight off the systemic damage elsewhere in the body. But when you are compromised by other health issues, more potent toxins from dead teeth, metals in your mouth, or cavitation find their way via the bloodstream to other organs and tissues in the body and initiate or keep chronic illness going.

Biological Dentistry

We have in our hospital access to a biologic dentist. He will tell you that if you have cancer or Lyme, you must remove all the metal in your mouth, and you must deal with the root canals you have. The main problem with Lyme is that, although it starts out in the spirochete form, it mutates into the L-form, and the cyst form; that means real trouble. It is tough to eradicate the spore and the L-form. With normal antibiotic therapy, even if it is used over longer time. The cyst and L-form, are not reachable, but fortunately, by our AAT and PDT it takes a major shock as we force them to come out of cyst form to be killed by heat/laser.

We advise all our patients with cancer and Lyme patients to start immediately with our Oral Hygiene Set. As soon as they have gone through our treatment protocol they have to deal with mercury and metals first. Then the rest of the oral cavity needs to be cleaned by removing root canals and capitations. During the entire time they continue the mouth hygiene.

The cost of doing this kind of work is high and often not covered by insurance. If it is done correctly, you get incredible, permanent improvements. Antibiotics are just palliative. When you change the energetic status, there is a permanent change. The negative things that were done in the past need to be corrected. If foreign material is needed, I like cubic zirconium best, a cousin of what you find in the false diamond. It is energetically indifferent and has been consistently good for restorations.

Helpful for the diagnosis of mouth problems can be monitoring by electrodermal screening (testing with a device that measures the body’s energy) although electrodermal screening is not generally acknowledge yet

Summary: I hope I showed how important mouth hygiene and mouth health is and how it is associated with Lyme and cancer. For good long term results, no compromises should be made in order not to endanger the health that was just regained by our therapy.

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