Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a drug therapy used for treating cancer. The effectiveness of chemotherapy depends on various factors. First, every person metabolizes chemotherapy drugs (cytostatics) differently, which means that the period of time the drugs remain in the body may vary and thus also the duration of the effectiveness. Second, the accessibility of the disease-causing cells or microorganisms is an important factor.

For instance, a tumor may be very compact with little blood supply and as a result thereof the drug can not reach the tumor cells. The third factor is the response to the chemotherapeutic agents. When the cancer cells are drug resistant, even a good flow of cytostatics to the tumor will not be effective. Only when the cancer cells are sensitive to the drugs there will be a response. Therefore, we use chemosensitivity testing first to find out which drug the cancer is most sensitive to.

At St. George Hospital we use Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT), because it is a safe and targeted cancer therapy.

Cancer cells need considerably more sugar than healthy ones. They also possess substantially more insulin receptors than healthy cells. We use insulin, the hormone produced naturally, to lower blood sugar levels. This makes the cancer cells eager for sugar; they open their “gates”, in order to be able to take up sufficient amounts. When the blood sugar drops to approximately 40 mg%, we administer a significantly reduced, individually adjusted amount of the standard cytostatic drug dose. We call this condition “the therapeutic window”, because now those hungry cancer cells consume the blood sugar together with the cytostatics. Since the cellular „gates are wide open“, the cytostatics can be transferred selectively into the tumor, thus their effect on the tumor is enhanced, while at the same time the systemic side effects are substantially less. With this method we can use a smaller dose of cytostatics while at the same time getting a higher concentration of them into the cancer tissue. We can also overcome drug resistance.

To further improve the therapeutic results IPT can be combined with local and systemic hyperthermia. Thus, we will have an even higher response rate, but less side effects.

After this therapy we add medication to detoxify the body, and natural substances to support the liver and the immune system.

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